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The Straits Times, 25 Jan 2007

Few know of GM foods: survey

JUST one in five people here has heard of genetic modification (GM) and knows what it entails, a survey shows.

The survey of 600 people, carried out in May last year*, showed that awareness of the issue had grown only marginally since the last survey in 2001, when one in six people said they had heard of GM.

Both surveys were commissioned by watchdog, the Genetic Modification Advisory Committee (GMAC).

Genetic modification involves the engineering of genes in plants and animals, usually to make them hardier or more nutritious as foods.

To raise public awareness, the GMAC will hold a public forum at the Matrix building in Biopolis on Friday, at which international expert Clive James will outline the latest developments and expected trends in the field.

Those who wish to attend can call 6826-6355 or send an e-mail to

*Editorial error. Survey was conducted in May 2005.

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