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WIRED, 18 January 2020
The juicy, painstaking quest to make tomatoes taste less awful

ABC Science, 17 January 2020
Genetically engineered mosquitoes are immune to all strains of dengue virus for first time

The Times of India, 15 January 2020
HTBt seeds illegal but it's easy to procure them, say farmer

Good Beer Hunting, 15 January 2020
Yeast of Eden - Why Genetically Modified Yeast Could Be the Next Step in Beer's Evolution

CBC, 12 January 2020
Gene editing could revolutionise the food industry, but it'll have to fight the PR war GMO foods lost

Bloomberg, 11 January 2020
US corn crop is now 92% genetically modified

New Food Magazine, 7 January 2020
Survey suggests public concerns remain over safety of GM foods

Science Daily, 6 January 2020
Poplar genetically modified not to harm air quality grow as well as non-modified trees

ZME Science, 6 January 2020
GM 'golden' rice approved for consumption in the Philippines

The Print, 3 January 2020
Maharashtra farmers are asserting their freedom by celebrating HTBt cotton crop harvest

Food Processing, 3 January 2020
GMO labelling regulations still causing confusion

The Hindu Business Line, 2 January 2020
The next decade in science