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Financial Times, 10 February 2019
Gene editing: how agritech is fighting to shape the food we eat

Nature, 7 February 2019
'Diet drugs' suppress mosquitoes' thirst for blood

Science Magazine, 7 February 2019
This spud's for you: A breeding revolution could unleash the potential of potato

Nature, 6 February 2019
Sizzling interest in lab-grown meat belies lack of basic research

Australian Financial Review, 6 February 2019
Bayer blasts European regulators as it looks to boost R&D in Australia

Phys.Org, 5 February 2019
Scientists urged to fight GMO fake news

Phys.Org, 5 February 2019
Scientists find new and smaller CRISPR gene editor: CasX

The Scientist, 1 February 2019
Companies Use CRISPR to Improve Crops

Irish Times, 1 February 2019
Ban on GM crops is a blight on Irish agriculture

Nature, 31 January 2019
How machine learning could keep dangerous DNA out of terrorists' hands

Lab Biotech, EU, 31 January 2019
CRISPR Gene Editing Could Make Gluten Safe for Celiacs

Daily Mail, UK, 31 January 2019
Banana-killing VIRUS is threatening to wipe out the popular fruit as scientists claim gene-editing is the only thing that could save them from extinction

Nature, 30 January 2019
Indian court's decision to uphold GM cotton patent could boost industry research

United States Senator for Alaska, Lisa Murkowski, 30 January 2019
Murkowski Reintroduces GE Salmon Labeling Bill

Nature, 29 January 2019
Chinese effort to clone gene-edited monkeys kicks off

Mirror, UK, 28 January 2019
Chickens genetically modified to lay eggs containing CANCER drugs in latest breakthrough

The Scientific American, 28 January 2019
Gene Drives Shown to Work in Female Mice

The Daily Mail, UK, 28 January 2019
Chickens could provide cheap method of producing drugs, research suggests

Euractiv, EU, 25 January 2019
EU agriculture Commissioner 'surprised' by gene editing court ruling

Radio New Zealand, 24 January 2019
Gene editing research highlights challenges in using CRISPR for pest control

South China Morning Post, 24 January 2019
Chinese scientists clone five baby monkeys after editing genes to induce mental illness

The Wall Street Journal, 24 January 2019
China Opens the Door to U.S. GMOs

Science Daily, 23 January 2019
CRISPR/Cas9 used to control genetic inheritance in mice

The New York Times, 23 January 2019
How to Stop Rogue Gene-Editing of Human Embryos?

The Daily Mail, UK, 22 January 2019
Scientists who created Dolly the sheep reveal plans for gene-edited 'superchickens' resistant to flu in bid to halt human pandemic

Wired, 20 January 2019
What is CRISPR? The revolutionary gene-editing tech explained

Phys.Org, 19 January 2019
New technologies enable better-than-ever details on genetically modified plants

The Parliament, EU, 16 January 2019
How Europe has priced out innovation: the example of plants

The Guardian, 14 January 2019
Strongest opponents of GM foods know the least but think they know the most

Phys.Org, 12 January 2019
Gene-editing tool CRISPR repurposed to develop better antibiotics

Reuters, 9 January 2019
Monsanto patent victory seen as a boost for biotech investment in India

Reuters, 9 January 2019
Factbox: China approves new GMO soybean, corn and canola traits

China Daily, 9 January 2019
Five GM products approved for import into mainland

The Australian, 8 January 2019
Scientists to try breeding spicy tomatoes

Reuters, 8 January 2019
China gives long-awaited GM crop approvals amid U.S. trade talks

Forbes, 8 January 2019
Know What's GMO: Why Blockchain Will Build Faith In Food Labels

Bloomberg, 8 January 2019
Bayer Gets Rare Monsanto Reprieve With Cotton Seed Ruling

Nature, 8 January 2019
Transgenic trees face rocky path from the farm to the forest

Nature, 8 January 2019
How African scientists are improving cassava to help feed the world

MIT Technology Review, 3 January 2019
Gene engineers make super-size plants that are 40% larger

National Review, 4 January 2019
Don't Let Anti-GMO Fanatics Thwart Improved Photosynthesis Crops

Australian Financial Review, 7 January 2019
Gene-edited farm animals are coming