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Today, the biotechnology R&D scene in Singapore is a vibrant one with numerous activities such as in the areas of vaccine development, diagnostics and gene therapy being actively pursued. In order to further promote the biosafety culture among Singapore scientists working on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and to enhance the creditability of local research practices, the GMAC Subcommittee on Research formulated and released the Singapore Biosafety Guidelines for Research on GMOs in May 2006. The Guidelines were tailored from other national and international guidelines to suit Singapore’s research landscape. In Jan 2013, the GMAC Subcommittee on Research revised the Guidelines to keep the content relevant to the rapid advances of technology.

Research guidelines

The Singapore Biosafety Guidelines for Research on GMOs cover experiments that involve the construction and/or propagation of all biological entities which have been made by genetic manipulation and are of a novel genotype and which are unlikely to occur naturally or which could cause public health or environmental hazards. The Guidelines also have provisions for the importation of GMOs and/or GMO-derived products for research purposes.

How to submit research applications

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Research FAQ

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