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The Straits Times Forum Page, 4 Jun 2004

Don't duck tough questions about GM food

I REFER to Mr Alvin Loo Eng Kiat's letter, 'Labelling GM food not easy' (ST, June 1).

Is he suggesting that just because there are difficulties in labelling the food, the industries promoting genetically modified (GM) products should, therefore, be given a free hand?

Legitimate questions are still being asked about GM food and their impact on human health and the bio-diversity of the environment. The debate has not been settled.

We need to ask not so much how difficult it is to label GM food or how costly that might be but whose interests are we serving when we promote the food.

I accept that there are difficulties in labelling GM products, and that socially responsible industries which invest heavily in product development deserve fair returns for their investment.

Yet our primary concern, I hope, must be to protect the well-being of people and the natural environment.


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