Archived news articles - 2000

The Straits Times Forum Page, 22 May 2000
By Paul Chan Wei Chuan, Robin Smith
Edinburgh, Britain

Labelling modified food a help to consumers

I REFER to Mr Billy Chew's letter, "Labelling of GM foods being discussed" (ST, May 19).

The Ministry of Environment seems to be adopting a "wait and see" attitude towards the labelling of genetically-modified food.

Currently, there are no conclusive findings, but there is still doubt as to whether such food is safe enough for consumption.

Therefore, I urge the ministry, as well as all responsible retailers, to take a pro-active stand towards the labelling of genetically-modified food.

I believe that the discerning Singaporean consumer would appreciate such a move as it would allow consumers to make an informed decision.

Issued by GMAC

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