Archived news articles - 2000

The Straits Times Forum Page, 19 May 2000
By Billy Chew, for Permanent Secretary Ministry of the Environment

Labelling of genetically modified foods being discussed

I REFER to the letter, "Modified food should be labelled" (ST, May 17), by Mr Tan Eng Choon.

We would like to inform him as well as other readers that the issue of labelling genetically-modified food is still being discussed at the Codex Alimentarius Commission -- a joint organisation of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and the World Health Organisation -- the international body responsible for establishing international standards on labelling of food products, among other things.

The Environment Ministry and the sub-committee of Labelling of Genetically-Modified Food will monitor the developments and work closely with the Genetic Modification Advisory Committee on this matter.

Issued by GMAC

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GMAC Secretariat