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1. What does the GMAC Subcommittee on Public Awareness do?

The GMAC Subcommittee on Public Awareness is tasked with the responsibility to disseminate information that is objective, factual and scientific, so that members of the public can make educated, rational decisions on GM technology and its products.

2. What sort of activities does the Subcommittee organise?

Some of the past events that the GMAC Subcommittee on Public Awareness had organized include talks, seminars and public forums on issues relating to gene technology. These were sometimes organised in collaboration with other local and overseas organizations.

The Subcommittee also reaches out to the Singapore student population through the annual GMAC Students Challenge where students from secondary schools in Singapore pit against each other with their creative efforts in depicting topics relating to GM technology

3. What other efforts has the Subcommittee made to reach out to the public?

Other than events, the Subcommittee also produces collaterals for public distribution. The Subcommittee had formulated, published and distributed an educational brochure [Important Facts You Need to Know about GM Food] in all 4 languages commonly used in Singapore – English, Mandarin, Tamil, and Malay. This is in order to help members of public understand the complex technology in simpler terms. Other forms of outreach include publications of articles in local newspapers and magazines.

4. How do I stay updated on the public events that GMAC is organising?

Information regarding any public events will be put up on GMAC website and also on GMAC Students Challenge Facebook page. Members of the public who are interested in our events and activities are encouraged to visit these sites regularly, to check for updates.