GMAC Students Challenge 2020
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EU's plans for sustainable food may open door to gene-edited crops - Karma Impact, 26 November 2019
What are off-target effects of CRISPR and why are they concerning? - Biotechniques, 27 November 2019
One year later, mystery surrounds China's gene edited babies - Straits Times, 28 November 2019
South Africa's agriculture minister rejects Monsanto's GM maize seed - Slow Food, 28 November 2019
Updated:Monday, December 2, 2019, 2:15 PM


GMAC Student Challenge 2018

The results for the GMAC Students Challenge is out!

Congratulations to Nanyang Girls' High School, St Nicholas Girls' School and St Joseph's Institution for the clinching the top three prizes Click here to have a look at the winning teams.

Further details to the GMAC Students Challenge Finals can be found here too!

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