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  India farmers sow unapproved Monsanto cotton seeds, risking arrest - Reuters, 12 June 2018
This startup wants to save the banana by editing its genes - Fast Company, 13 June 2018
Japan blocks Canadian wheat after unapproved GMO plants found in Alberta - CBC News, 15 June 2018
Genetic engineering researcher: Politicians are deaf to people's ethical concerns - Science Daily, 16 June 2018


Food Evolution Singapore

Looking for a something to do on Friday? Come, wind down with us with a Movie and Food!

Let us learn about the origins of food and GMOs as food for the future in GMAC's movie screening of Food Evolution in Singapore!

For more details and the trailer for the movie, check out our Events page or click on the image above.

Events Update!

Kindly refer to the Programme Outline below:

Programme Outline for Run 1, Biopolis, Exploration Theatre

Programme Outline for Run 2, Singapore Science Centre

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