Singapore guidelines on the release of agricuture-related gmos

“Agriculture-related organisms” refers to animals (including fish and invertebrates), plants, microorganisms and vaccines used in cultivation, farming, agronomy, husbandry and horticulture.

The Singapore Guidelines on the Release of Agriculture-Related GMOs was published by GMAC in August 1999 to ensure the safe import, release and use in Singapore of agriculture-related organisms that have been genetically modified. The Guidelines provide a common framework for:

  • the assessment of risks of agriculture-related GMOs to human health and the environment;
  • and the approval mechanisms for their release in Singapore
Under the Guidelines, before the release of any agriculture-related GMOs in Singapore, the proponent is required to submit a proposal to the GMAC, where the Subcommittee for the Release of GMOs and GMO-Related Products scrutinises the application in accordance to the Guidelines. For issues related to food safety, GMAC, like many other national and international agencies, adopts the concept of “substantial equivalence”. This means that if a new food or food component is found to be substantially equivalent to an existing food or food component, it can be treated to be as safe as the conventional food or food component.

Following the recommendations of the Subcommittee, GMAC will decide whether or not it will endorse the particular application. Its decisions will be forwarded to the regulatory authorities, who will take into account, among other things, GMAC’s recommendations when considering the final approval of the application.

The process for the evaluation and approval of agriculture-related GMOs in Singapore is outlined in the flowchart.

Singapore Guidelines on the Release of Agriculture-Related Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Appendix 1
Questionaire for Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Related to Agriculture

Appendix 2
Risk Assessment Criteria

Appendix 3
Flow Chart for Evaluation, Approval and Registration of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Related to Agriculture

Annex A
Risk Assessment for Stacked Events (Revised 2020)

In a bid to save the environment, GMAC will no longer receive hard-copy dossier applications as of August 2018. Please kindly forward applications via secured file sharing platforms.

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