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Real Agriculture, 20 May 2022
Health Canada defines and clears path forward for gene-edited crops

Financial Express, 18 May 2022
Govt notifies biosafety guidelines for genome edited plants

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 18 May 2022
Francis Collins Urges Gene Therapy Community to Scale Efforts to Tackle Rare Diseases

Berkeley Lab, 18 May 2022
Using Microbes to Convert Greenhouse Gases to Valuable Chemicals

Technology Networks, 17 May 2022
CRISPR Combined With Novel Chemical Method for More Precise Editing

SciTech Daily, 17 May 2022
CRISPR Gene Editing Now Possible in Cockroaches

Science Daily, 16 May 2022
CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing approach can alter the social behavior of animals

Chemical & Engineering News, 15 May 2022
Bioengineer Charles Denby is working to make beer and wine more sustainable

The Guardian, 14 May 2022
Disease-resistant pigs and oily plants - why UK scientists seek to alter food genes

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 13 May 2022
Bacterial Sentinel Cells Engineered to Record and Report on Gut Health

Canadian Business, 12 May 2022
Lower yields, higher prices: Southeast Asia has a rice problem fuelled by sustainability and security concerns

ABC, 11 May 2022
Genetically modified wheat products approved for sale in Australia for first time

Independent, 11 May 2022
Queen's Speech: Gene editing of animals and plants to get green light

Food Navigator, 9 May 2022
Synthetic biology and the future of food. In conversation with 'biology by design' co Ginkgo Bioworks

LabOnline, 9 May 2022
Milestone achieved in mitochondrial genome editing

Technology Review, 4 May 2022
The gene-edited pig heart given to a dying patient was infected with a pig virus

Science Daily, 4 May 2022
A 'factory reset' for the brain may cure anxiety, drinking behavior, study suggests

Science Daily, 4 May 2022
New target for CAR T cells in solid tumors

Canadian Business, 3 May 2022
Lab-Grown Meat Can Help Save Our Planet - if We Can Get People to Eat It

News Medical, 3 May 2022
New technology to make temporary genetic modifications tested in mosquitoes

Science Business, 3 May 2022
Starting gun fired on new battle over genetically engineered crops

Neuroscience News, 2 May 2022
Gene Therapy Reverses Effects of Autism-Linked Mutation in Brain Organoids

MSKCC, 29 April 2022
New Immunotherapy Approach Targets a Commonly Mutated 'Driver' Protein Unique to Cancer Cells

Reuters, 29 April 2022
India allows imports of extra 550,000 tonnes of genetically modified soymeal

The Straits Times, 28 April 2022
New research programme to study innovative methods of producing alternative proteins

Iowa State University, 28 April 2022
Study finds relationships among herbicide-resistant weeds, tillage practices and agricultural greenhouse gas emissions

IHS Markit, 28 April 2022
India eases gene editing regulations

All About Feed, 28 April 2022
GM barley trial to reduce synthetic fertiliser use gets go ahead

3D Printing Industry, 27 April 2022
Cellmeat to distribute cell-based Dokdo shrimp in Korea, US and Singapore by 2024

CNA, 22 April 2022
As temperatures rise, Singapore races to find solutions to secure its food supply

MIT Technology Review, 22 April 2022
How engineered microbes could cut aviation emissions

Interesting Engineering, 21 April 2022
A startup plans to fight climate change with genetically engineered super-trees

The New Statesman, 20 April 2022
We invented the cow 10,000 years ago. Lab-grown meat is just the next step

Alliance for Science, 19 April 2022
Ghana farmers optimistic about GMO crops, survey finds

Cancer Therapy Advisor, 19 April 2022
Genetically Modified IECs Do Not Increase Risk for Subsequent Malignancy

SingularityHub, 14 April 2022
A Startup Is Engineering Trees to Grow Faster and Capture More Carbon

The Wire, 13 April 2022
With New MoEFCC Memo, Are Indian Policy Makers Supporting 'Big Biotech'?

Food Ingredient First, 13 April 2022
ADM's invests US$300M in alt-proteins, doubling soy extrusion capacity and exploring ingredients "from air"

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 12 April 2022
Engineered Bacteria May Protect Gut Microbiome from Harmful Effects of Antibiotics

Times Now, 10 April 2022
A company is planning to release billions of genetically-modified mosquitoes in US - here's why

SingularityHub, 8 April 2022
Scientists Are Using CRISPR Gene Editing to Try to Create Hypoallergenic Cats

Nature Genetics, 7 April 2022
Genome-edited crops for improved food security of smallholder farmers

Cambridge Independent, 7 April 2022
Cambridge's Crop Science Centre to begin field trial of GM and gene-edited barley

Global Times, 7 April 2022
China's seed security not threatened by Russia-Ukraine conflict, major breakthroughs made

Mongabay, 6 April 2022
GM fish engineered to glow in the dark are found in Brazil creeks

Manila Bulletin, 6 April 2022
Gene-edited animals approved for food use for the first time

European Scientist, 5 April 2022
Green factories could help industrial manufacturing reach zero carbon emissions. Or even lower

Science Daily, 4 April 2022
Using gene scissors to specifically eliminate individual cell types

Bloomberg, 4 April 2022
European Farmers Turn to GM Feed to Replace Corn From Ukraine

The Ecologist, 4 April 2022
Concerns as India relaxes rules around gene-edited crops

Dialogo Chino, 4 April 2022
The pros and cons of using biotechnology in crops

EurekAlert!, 31 March 2022
Researchers identify sustainable source of immunodeficiency virus-resistant immune cells

Business Standard, 30 March 2022
Central govt exempts genome-edited crops from stringent GM regulations

Fierce Biotech, 29 March 2022
Producing faster CAR-T cell therapy inside the body with a spongelike implant

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 29 March 2022
CRISPR-Cas Systems Gain Local Flexibility, Retain Global Specificity

EurekAlert!, 29 March 2022
Anti-GMO themes losing traction worldwide, suggests new scientific paper

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 28 March 2022
A CRISPR Kitty? Gene Editing Breathes New Life into the Hypoallergenic Cat

Agriculture, 26 March 2022
What are the PRLR-Slick cattle?

Science Daily, 25 March 2022
The hardy wild grass that could save our bread

Sciencemag, 24 March 2022
Penn-Developed CAR T Cells Suppress GI Solid Tumor Cells, Without Toxicity to Healthy Tissue, in Preclinical Research

Scienmag, 24 March 2022
Identified: Genes that can boost maize and rice yields

Space, 24 March 2022
'Space lettuce' could help astronauts avoid bone loss

Biotechniques, 24 March 2022
SuperFi-Cas9 to the rescue: gene editing just got safer

Labiotech, 23 March 2022
Ilya Pharma Paves Way for Bacterial Gene Therapy with 8.5M Funding

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 22 March 2022
CRISPR-Induced Gene Products Control Response to Therapy in Lung Cancer Cells

European Biotechnology, 20 March 2022
Switzerland paves the way for genome editing

Drug Target Review, 18 March 2022
Defective mitochondria could be repaired using gene-editing techniques, study finds

Drug Target Review, 18 March 2022
New study highlights the possibility to target gene editing in the lungs

New York University, 16 March 2022
Programming the Immune System to Supercharge Cancer Cell Therapies

Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society, 16 March 2022
FDA drafts guidance on genome editing, CAR T cell therapies

Alliance for Science, 16 March 2022
Kenya publishes guidelines specific to gene editing

Korea Biomedical Review, 16 March 2022
KAIST develops tech detecting RNA-degrading enzymes based on gene editing

News Medical, 14 March 2022
Using mRNA to introduce gene editor into human muscle stem cells

USDA, 14 March 2022
Deregulation of Soybean Developed Using Genetic Engineering

Physics World, 10 March 2022
Fermentation turns greenhouse gases into useful chemicals

Straits Times, 9 March 2022
First person to receive pig heart transplant dies after 2 months

Yale Daily News, 9 March 2022
Yale study details method to increase accuracy and safety of CRISPR gene editing

Independent, 9 March 2022
Virgin birth: Fatherless mouse born from unfertilised egg survives to adulthood and gives birth to healthy litter

SWI, 8 March 2022
Swiss parliament paves way for genome editing

Associated Press, 8 March 2022
Gene-edited beef cattle get regulatory clearance in US

News Medical, 8 March 2022
Using Microorganisms to Turn CO2 into Fuel

The Pennsylvania State University, 7 March 2022
Studying diseases with better delivery of gene-editing tools

Context, Spring 2022
The Next 10 Years In Food And Agriculture: Multiple Technology Breakthroughs Herald An Exciting Future

Newswise, 3 March 2022
Gene editing gets safer thanks to redesigned Cas9 protein

Yale School of Medicine, 2 March 2022
Yale Cancer Center Scientists Create Next-Generation CRISPR Tool to Aid Gene Editing

News Medical, 1 March 2022
New technology can assist bioprosthetic heart valve patients by avoiding additional replacement surgery

Reuters, 1 March 2022
Breakthrough gene-editing technology belongs to Harvard, MIT -U.S. tribunal

Science, 1 March 2022
First gene-editing treatment injected into the blood reduces toxic protein for up to 1 year

Dark Daily, 25 February 2022
University of Maryland Scientists Develop CRISPR-Act 3.0, a New CRISPR Technology for Multiplex Gene Activation in Plants

Alliance for Science, 24 February 2022
GMOs could shrink Europe's climate footprint, study suggests

Scientific American, 24 February 2022
Chewing Gum with GMO Could Reduce the Spread of COVID

Lexology, 23 February 2022
From Lab to Ladle; Proposed Changes to the UK Novel Food Regime

NewScientist, 23 February 2022
Purple 'superfood' tomato could finally go on sale in the US

Frontline, 23 February 2022
Explained: Can genetic engineering make meat sustainable?

Alliance for Science, 22 February 2022
Nigerian companies ramp up production to meet high demand for GMO cowpea seeds

Forbes, 22 February 2022
Patents Aim To Boost Corn And Soy Performance By Editing GMO Traits, 22 February 2022
Why gene editing is the next chapter in an ongoing food controversy

Krishi Jagran, 21 February 2022
Approval of Gene-Edited Crops in China Energizes Researchers

The Asbury Collegian, 18 February 2022
Israeli scientists make paralyzed mice walk again

Eastern Daily Press, 18 February 2022
Norwich scientists lead the way in gene editing

Food, 17 February 2022
Calamari alternative developed from microbial fermentation: 'If successful, we'll look to launch in Europe'

Green Queen, 16 February 2022
5 Cultivated Meat Companies Pushing For U.S. Launch in 2022

The Crunch, 15 February 2022
Singapore-based alternative protein startup Next Gen Foods gets $100M Series A for US growth

The Conversation, 15 February 2022
South Africa should rethink regulations on genetically modified plants

The Scientist, 14 February 2022
Cultured Meat Advances Toward the Market

Food, 14 February 2022
Could fruit flies slash the cost of growth media for cell cultured meat? Future Fields thinks outside the box, 11 February 2022
Genetically modified crops could reduce climate impacts

Nature, 11 February 2022
China's approval of gene-edited crops energizes researchers

23ABC News, 10 February 2022
Experimental cancer treatment uses genetic modification

Interesting Engineering, 10 February 2022
What is stopping gene-edited food from saving our planet?

One Zero, 10 February 2022
Lab-Grown Meat is Coming to Your Fridge This Year

STAT News, 10 February 2022
Drugs based on next-generation gene editing are moving toward the clinic faster than CRISPR 1.0

Food Ingredients First, 9 February 2022
What's next for alternative proteins: ADM examines cultivated meat, novel sources, microbial fermentation

The Indian Express, 4 February 2022
Could genetic engineering reverse insecticide resistance?

No-Till Farmer, 3 February 2022
Genetic Modification Can Lead to Reduced Populations of Fall Armyworm

Science, 3 February 2022
Insect ranchers pour $5 million into world's first large-scale genetic breeding facility

Alliance For Science, 3 February 2022
Anti-GMO stances 'insult smallholder farmers' in Africa and Asia

Chemical & Engineering News, 3 February 2022
Cell-based seafood is catching on

Forbes, 3 February 2022
Do Consumers Want Or Need These Biotech Foods?

Endpoint News, 2 February 2022
FDA slams clinical hold on LogicBio's gene editing drug after clotting cases in child patients

The Spoon, 2 February 2022
Former US Defense Official: Cell-Cultured Meat & Other Future Food Technology is Critical For US National Security

Genetic Literacy Project, 1 February 2022
Let food be thy medicine: How GMO tomatoes could help Parkinson's patients

European Scientist, 1 February 2022
Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria Are the Latest Genetic Engineering Breakthrough

Alliance For Science, 1 February 2022
Understanding the new US bioengineered disclosure

The Food Institute, 1 February 2022
New GMO Labeling Rules Spark Debate

Al Bawaba, 30 January 2022
What Is Lab-Grown Meat and Will It Be Halal?

Chemical & Engineering News, 27 January 2022
Promising Target Identified To Break Malaria's Chain of Infection

EurekAlert!, 26 January 2022
Scientists develop first lethal hamster model for COVID-19

Reuters, 25 January 2022
China to allow gene-edited crops in push for food security

EurekAlert!, 25 January 2022
Improved retinal transplant technique ready for clinical trials

Business Wire, 24 January 2022
Mammoth Biosciences Receives FDA Emergency Use Authorization for First CRISPR-based High-Throughput COVID-19 Test

Science Daily, 24 January 2022
Landing therapeutic genes safely in the human genome

Science X, 24 January 2022
Clearer distinction needed between GMOs and genome-edited organisms

Chemical & Engineering News, 21 January 2022
Targeting repetitive sequences for gene editing

UK Government, 20 January 2022
New powers granted to research gene editing in plants

Tech Explorist, 20 January 2022
CRISPR-Cas13 targets proteins causing ALS and Huntington's disease

EurekAlert!, 20 January 2022
How GMO labels affect customer decision making with food purchases

Science Daily, 20 January 2022
First clinical-grade transplant of gene-edited pig kidneys into brain-dead human

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, 19 January 2022
A New Immunotherapy Discovery: Putting a HIT on Elusive Cancer Cells

EurekAlert!, 19 January 2022
Discovery of a "hidden gem" enables gene editing with a small but mighty CRISPR-Cas3 system

Straits Times, 19 January 2022
'It's a miracle': Boy treated with $3m drug donated by public can now walk with support

Science X, 18 January 2022
China shifting GM policy to grow more corn, soybean

News Medical, 18 January 2022
New method reverses insecticide resistance using CRISPR/Cas9 technology

Medical Xpress, 14 January 2022
In the lab: T cells artificially endowed with 2 cancer-seeking receptors aim to be an elite army of cancer killers

Cornell Chronicle, 13 January 2022
$10M project aims for more pest-resilient food options in Asia

BBC, 12 January 2022
Man gets genetically-modified pig heart in world-first transplant

EurekAlert!, 12 January 2022
HKU scientists discover activation mechanisms in soybean for adaptation to saline soil in hope of improving agriculture productivity

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 12 January 2022
Base Editing Delivery Upgrade Using Virus-Like Particles

Science Daily, 11 January 2022
New drug combo identified for liver cancer via CRISPR-Cas9 screen

UC San Diego News, 11 January 2022
Scientists Expand CRISPR-Cas9 Genetic Inheritance Control in Mammals

MedCity News, 10 January 2022
Pfizer, Bayer each strike up deals to add in-vivo gene editing to pipeline mix

Hortidaily, 6 January 2022
Classification of CRISPR/Cas system and its application in tomato breeding

Technology Networks, 6 January 2022
Using Retrons for More Efficient Genome Editing

GlobeNewswire, 6 January 2022
AVITA Medical Establishes Proof of Concept for Novel Treatments Using Genetically-Modified Skin Cells

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 5 January 2022
Gene Therapy for a Rare Muscular Dystrophy Overcomes Earlier Roadblocks

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 5 January 2022
Novel Gene Editing Systems Come Into Their Own

Science Daily, 5 January 2022
Immuno-CRISPR assay could help diagnose kidney transplant rejection early on

Science Daily, 4 January 2022
First time genome editing made possible on cells lining blood vessel walls